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The Job Factory offers one of the fastest ways to find jobs in Singapore. Our clients often get jobs within days – some have found work in hours. The key to our success is that we help clients get jobs before they are advertised. An advertised job can attract more than 100 applications in a couple of hours which makes the chance of success extremely low. This is why some job seekers do not get jobs even after lodging hundreds of applications. We get rid of the competition. Our aim is to get interviews for our clients where there are no other candidates. This makes it easy to get the job – as long as you have the skills that the employer is looking for. If you need a job, then we want you to get it fast. The Job Factory is not only one of the fastest ways to get a job, it is one of the simplest ways. We do all the work for you. So, don’t wait around to compete with 100+ applicants when you can move yourself ahead of the pack. We help clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Australia, the UK, USA and New Zealand. Our fee starts at just $120. We can find jobs in any area, but for a list of the most common jobs we can find click here.


We can find work in virtually any area – just tell us what job you want and we will tell you how we can help.


We have found jobs for nursing home aged care workers, cleaners, kitchen workers and receptionists. If you are looking for a job as an aged care worker, you might get a call in a few hours.


Low-care retirement centres are always hiring. They don’t only want help with client care – also with cleaning and kitchen work.


Accountants are amazed how quickly we can find them work. One said “I never thought it was possible to get a job this fast.”


Surgeries need nurses, dentists and receptionists. These kinds of workers usually get a call in only two days.


Want casual, part time or full-time work? These organisations have a lot of turnover, so they are always hiring new workers. These late hours are great for students.


Accountants’ offices, dental surgeries, doctors’ offices, nursing homes and schools are hiring receptionists right now.


If you want to teach in a primary or secondary school in a country or suburban location, full time or part time, we can help.