• How can I be sure you’ll get me a job?

    Companies in all industries are always hiring, but when you apply to jobs posted online, many other people apply to the same jobs. If you are not the most qualified applicant out of 100, you will not be chosen. With our service, employers see your details first so they interview you first. We aim for our clients to get jobs before they are listed.

  • How many jobs will I be offered?

    We just can’t say. If you have good qualifications and experience, you will get more contacts and more offers. For instance, clients who are looking for work in aged care can get three interviews apiece.

  • Can you guarantee me a job?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to make a guarantee. We cannot make employers hire someone just because they work with us. If you have the right qualifications for the job you want, though, you massively improve your odds when you work with us.

  • Why are you so inexpensive?

    We think it’s funny that people ask us this. Since other agencies charge up to $3500 for a job, some people think that our service is cheap because it doesn’t really work. Even though it might seem too good to be true, we are charging a fair price for you and for us. At our rates, we still make money and our clients get jobs. We think you should chose the agency that you are most comfortable with, so if you think another agency is a better value at $3500 for the same service, feel free to go with them.

  • Why is the Job Factory the best job-finding company?

    Choosing a reliable agency can be tricky. Some agencies just check job listings for you, and some lie about the connections they have. Depending on the industry where you want to work, we will get your resume to 100-1000 employers. You will know who we have contacted because we can send you their names.

  • How fast can I start working?

    We can’t guarantee these results, but it is not unusual for our clients to get a phone call in just a few hours. One client was invited to interview just 15 minutes after sending us her application – she was amazed because she never thought it was possible to get an interview so quickly.

  • What if your site doesn’t list my industry?

    We help you with a custom job search. For a custom search, we will charge an additional fee. Contact us and tell us your ideal job, then we will tell you how we can help you.

  • What if I cannot find work?

    Nearly everyone who works with us gets at least one interview. At the interview, you will have to convince the employer that you are the right choice. If you are not working after your first round, we can resend your resume for a small fee as many times as you want. This week some companies might not have a job but next week something will open up. You still have a chance to find a job.

  • How do I get the best chance?

    If you work with us and you have the right qualifications, you already have a good chance. You do still need a perfect cover letter, though. Busy hiring managers will only spare a few moments to read your cover letter, so you cannot get an interview without a letter that is perfect and well-written. After all, if you were hiring and you look at two cover letters, one with errors and one without, who would you choose? One of the best things you can do to get offered an interview is improve your cover letter.

  • Where can you help me find a job?

    All over Singapore.

  • Can you help me get company sponsorship?

    We can write you a sponsorship request and send it out to hundreds or thousands of companies. Get in touch with us to ask about the cost of this service and talk about what you need.

  • I am not in the Singapore yet – can you find me a job before I get there?

    Employers prefer to interview in person, so it’s harder to find work for someone living overseas.

  • Can you write a resume for me?

    Yes. We can tailor-make you a resume and cover letter, which will double your chances of getting an interview. If you already have a resume, we can proofread and fix it. The people who write our resumes are employed as journalists and are great writers.

  • Can you get me a job elsewhere in Asia?

    We can find you a job anywhere in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam or Malaysia.

  • Why should I trust The Job Factory to find me a job?

    We can’t promise that we will get you a job, but we will do our best to help you get interviewed to work. CEO Craig Binnie is one of the most respected journalists in Australia, and he started The Job Factory and still helps run it. You can see him on Linked In if you want to know about his community involvement and connections to businesses in Australia.

Email: jobs@thejobfactory.com.au