Can you find me a job?

The Job Factory was established by high-profile Australian journalist Craig Binnie (Google his name to find his work on more than 50,000 Google pages) as an affordable and fair way to try to get jobs for job-seekers. Our aim is to find jobs for people fast – we talk in hours and days. Not weeks or months.
Of course you can search for a job on your own. But every extra day you are jobless will cost you more than our fee in wages. Finding a job within days can change your life and we can help.
Getting a job is simple. There are thousands of jobs advertised. New ones appear daily. The only problem is that there are too many people looking for work.

Why can’t I find a job?

There are two main reasons that getting a job is difficult.

  • Your cover letter is bad. If the English in your cover letter is poor you will be deleted instantly. It’s simple. If your cover letter is not perfect there is a chance that you will never be employed in the job that you want. If you have been hunting for a job for more than a couple of weeks then this may be your problem.
  • There are too many people competing for the jobs you are applying for. If you wait for a job to be advertised then you will have very little chance of getting it. There could easily be 100 or more applicants going for the same job. The easiest way to get a job is to reach the employer before the job is advertised. This is what we do. Our clients are often the only ones interviewed. That is why our clients can get a job so easily.

How confident are you in your own ability to find a job fast?

If you leave this website today without engaging our services we urge you to have a careful think about your job-seeking tactics. If you are simply applying for advertised jobs your search could take months. You need to be ahead of the pack.
Our advice is to make sure your cover letter is perfect. If it contains poor English, grammar or punctuation it will be deleted. You have spent the past 12+ years getting an education – what you do not will affect your income for years. DO NOT take a chance with substandard documentation – you might save $100 but you might also end up in a job that pays $5000 less.
And do not go crazy trying to be the first one to apply for jobs advertised on job sites. Think about how an inbox works. The first email ends up on the bottom. Do you read the top email or bottom email first? We doubt that many employers read all job applications. Who has the time to read 100 resumes or letters? So, even if you are the best, you might miss out.
The only way to be sure that you are the first – and perhaps only – person to be considered is to get in before the job is advertised.
Happy job hunting!

Many Job agencies are ruthless and exploit job seekers to maximise their own profits. They are run to make money for some faceless owner – not the job hunters they are promising to help.
Some job agencies post fake ads on job websites so that they can attract applicants that they then keep on file. They can then approach employers and claim to have dozens of job seekers on their books.
This is a disgusting tactic employed by selfish job agencies that have a complete disregard for the job seekers whose time they waste. If you are ever approached by a job agency that you have not contacted, ask them how they got your details.